Guaranteed to Turn Your Workplace into an Office Holiday Party Place

Studies show that more than half of all work-related holiday parties take place right in the office, around the corner from the photocopier and down the hall from the water cooler. That’s probably because hosting a holiday party at the office can save a bundle of cash, and it’s undeniably convenient.

But how do you transform a boring, familiar workspace into a festive party space? How do you create a different atmosphere that makes it feel like a special occasion, and not just a dressed-up meeting with better food? The answer: Make it Epic!

1| Let there be lights!

If you only use one of these ideas for your office holiday party, make it this one. Turn off those unflattering fluorescent lights and create some ambiance! String up some tiny white lights or bring in a disco ball to hang in the middle of the room. Place flickering electric candles in the table centerpieces, hang some white paper lanterns, or put up a sparkly Christmas tree–anything but those fluorescent lights!

2| Shakeup the office layout

Give your tired old office a festive new look by rearranging the furniture and creating new spaces with moveable walls and room dividers, like Loftwalls. Consider pushing the desks to the sides of the rooms and creating a more intimate, desk-free space that looks completely different than the usual 9-to-5 setup. Need help with moving and storage? Partner with a trusted facilities support company that can help set up, tear down and store unused furniture and decor.

3| Install a slow-motion video station

The pop-up photo booth craze that swept the nation last year has gotten even cooler, and hip companies like Google and the United Way are bringing in slow-mo video stations! Collect some wild and crazy holiday props – mistletoe, anyone? – and give your colleagues an opportunity to ham it up for the holidays. The best décor ideas for your office holiday party will double as team-building exercises, and the resulting slow-mo video will bring your team even closer together—and get some big laughs!

4| Bust out the karaoke machine

Looking for activity-based décor ideas for your office holiday party? Just ditch that tired old iTunes playlist, set up a professional-looking stage and host a karaoke contest! It sounds a little crazy, but a fascinating study from the University of Oxford found that nothing makes people feel closer to each other than singing together. And isn’t that what the holidays are all about?  

Are you ready to start your holiday office party transformation?

Don’t kill the buzz by making your team set up and break down! Corovan can help you transform your office into the perfect party venue, and we can store all the holiday furniture and decorations, too! Yes I’m ready »

5| Make your games and gifts hilarious

Nothing decorates a room like smiling faces! Get your colleagues laughing with a white elephant gift exchange, and if you really want to see them in stitches, try hysterical party games like the Jingle Bell Shake, the Reindeer Game and Holiday Sausages.

6| Turn the food into the fun!

Mystery canapès, rubber chicken and watered-down drinks are a recipe for a lame holiday party. Cover the tables with cloth so people can sit together for their catered meal, but make them work for dessert at a spectacular gingerbread decorating station. If you’re serving alcohol, as nearly two out of three companies do, consider a holiday-themed drink station where people can pour their own.
Happy party planning!