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How to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

Over the past twenty years or so, we’ve seen a clear and consistent shift towards open plan offices. While they certainly have their benefits, fostering employee communication and saving costs on space, one of the most consistent complaints about open offices is the noise. Now, there’s a meaningful difference between “sound” and “noise”. “Sound” isn’t […]
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Helping Employees Respond Positively to Workplace Changes

“[It] is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” – Leon C. Megginson Megginson’s quotation, often misattributed to Darwin, has become […]
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Top 10 Workplace Tips

Supercharge 2018 with Our Top 10 Workplace Tips This list of our top 10 workplace tips is a collection of the most inspiring, surprising and powerful ideas we found in 2017. From green plants and bean bag chairs to headphones and standing desks, we covered a lot of ground this year, and this is the […]
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Creating Workspaces for Generation Z

Quick, flexible workspaces for Generation Z hires Your newest hires might be eager to climb the company ladder, but they’re not after your corner office. The young people who are joining the workforce today are radically different from the Boomers they’re replacing. They want flexible workspaces and adaptable schedules. They want freedom. It’s not that […]
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Join the Activity-Based Working Movement

Does Your Business Support Activity-Based Working? Your laptop is powerful and practically weightless. All the tools and documents you could ever need are in the cloud. There’s WiFi everywhere. So why are you chained to your desk all day? Could you transform your work life overnight, just by moving your office furniture around? A group […]
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Create Space for In-person Meetings

Be more profitable with face-to-face interactions between your brand and customers. Let’s face it: Screens are great, and thanks to technology, most of us can keep in touch with co-workers and clients with online tools anytime day or night. But sometimes, a personal interaction can be even more meaningful—with clients, prospects, and employees. If you’ve […]
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2017 Workplace Trends: HR Emerges

People are at the epicenter of this year’s workplace trends. According to a study of HR professionals, 83% of HR professionals felt the “employee experience” is either important or very important to an organization’s success. An office birthday party where trail mix and fresh fruit are served. A yoga room that gives staff a mindful […]
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The Truth About Open Workspaces

While open office plans and shared workspace environments have been championed as ways to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity; new studies reveal that open-plan offices have detrimental effects on workers. Studies have shown that employees in open-plan offices show an increase in stress-levels, and a decrease in focus and productivity. The Gensler Study conducted by the […]
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Turn an Ordinary Workstation into a Cool Workstation

You spend a lot of our time at work. Your workstations should be inviting and stimulating, but also a blank canvas that you can decorate to reflect your individual personality. A well-designed workstation can affect our mood and foster creativity. Turn your workstation from ordinary to cool with these creative ideas—that are also easy on […]
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Tenant Strategies to Follow

Each passing year means new trends for office managers to stay on top of. Staying on top of trends ensures your workplace is an environment to foster collaboration and communication. Not to mention that a new fiscal year might dictate the growth or reduction of office space, which means planning an office move just might […]
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